Dose of Colours | Desi x Katy Collection | First Impressions

Hi Beauties!

If you don’t know who Desi Perkins and Katy (aka Lustrelux) are, then I’m really sorry but we can no longer be friends! They are the Queens of beauty and Youtube, as well as ultimate best friend goals. Recently they announced their exciting collaboration with the amazing brand Dose of Colours! Dose of Colours is a relatively newer brand on the market which launched in 2013 by the amazingly beautiful and talented Anna Petrosian. They would definitely be best known for their stunning makeup brushes and their amazing matte liquid lipstick formula. I have never tried any other products from this brand, mainly because it was a little on the expensive side to get these products to Australia, but my love for Desi and Katy made me save a little harder so that I could get everything I wanted from this collection.

Let’s break the collection down a little bit! Firstly, there is ’The Girls’ eyeshadow palette, which will set you back $28 USD (approx. $35 AUD) and contains four amazing shimmery/metallic shades, all of which are named after Desi and Katy’s adorable pups. Then there are two stunning matte liquid lipstick shades, ‘Hot Fire’ and ‘Saváge’ which run for $18 USD each (approx. $23 AUD). There is another two creamy nude bullet lipsticks, ‘No Shade’ and ‘More Creamer Please’, which cost $16 USD each (approx. $20 AUD). Next there is a super sparkly lip gloss called ‘Over The Top’ which will set you back $15 USD (approx. $19 AUD). And last but not least, two amazing highlighters called ‘Mírame’ and ‘Fuego’ which cost $28 USD each (approx. $35 AUD). I only picked up ‘The Girls’ eyeshadow palette and the two matte liquid lipsticks as these are the products that I think I would get the most use out of!

Let’s get into swatching and my first impressions on the products I picked up.

Shades (top to bottom): Sávage; Hot Fire

I have heard so many great things about the Dose of Colours matte lipstick formula and I had been wanting to try them out for the longest time so these were the first things added to my cart. Saváge is a beautiful deep burgundy which has an almost black base and has a velvet finish. It swatches super smoothly and evenly so I’m hoping it shows up the same on the lips. Hot fire is an amazing fiery orange red colour and also swatches really smoothly. The packaging on these products are simply stunning, I really love the rose gold components. These shades are also vegan, cruelty free, gluten free and paraben free. I can’t wait to properly play with these products!


‘The Girls’ eyeshadow palette is definitely one of a kind, at least in my makeup collection anyway. It contains four metallic shadows that are made to be used with your fingers only. Suz is a beautiful champagne metallic shade which can be used dry, but by adding a small drop of water to your finger before applying it can be turned into an amazing liquid metal shade. Noli is a stunning bronze shade which contains gold reflects and is made to be used dry. Turbosan is an amazing metallic purple shade which is packed with loads of shimmering reflects and is also made to be used dry. And lastly, Harpoon is a metallic cool toned green base with loads of green and gold reflects and can also be used wet or dry.

Did you pick up anything from this collection? What were your first impressions? Leave me a comment and let me know! 🙂

That’s all for now Beauties!


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