Products I’m Getting Rid Of | Vol.1

Hi Beauties!

Being someone who has slight OCD tendencies, I absolutely love going through my makeup drawers and getting rid of some of the products I never reach for, or the ones that just don’t work for my skin. It not only forces me to try different products to see what I like, but it also makes room for even more makeup, and who doesn’t love that? In today’s post I am sharing all the products that I have decided I no longer need in my collection. Most of the products I talk about will be passed along to my family and friends, other products are way too old so they will be going in the bin. Anything that is left over at the end will be donated!

Side note: just because I didn’t like a product, doesn’t mean you will feel the same way about it. Makeup is definitely a personal thing as everyone loves different things, so take all the opinions I give in this post with a grain of salt. Try things out to find what you love!

Too Faced x Nikkie Tutorials ‘The Power of Makeup’ Palette; ChiChi Cosmetics ‘O.M.F.G’ Palette; Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Lip Gloss

Too Faced x Nikkie Tutorials The Power of Makeup Palette – there was so much hype around this palette when it first was announced on Nikkie’s YouTube. I was definitely caught up in that hype when it came out that I bought it straight away. There has been so much drama around the palette and the company ever since its release and I have to agree with the criticism behind it. The palette is not as pigmented as other Too Faced palettes, the shadows are super hard to blend out and I really don’t reach for the palette.

Chi Chi Cosmetics O.M.F.G Palette – I have had this in my collection for a very long time, and I think I have only reached for it once or twice. A lot of the Chi Chi palettes are amazing and I would 100% recommend you try some of them out if you can get your hands on them. However, I didn’t really fall in love with the formula of this palette. The brightness of the shades made them a bit chalky for my liking.

Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Lip Gloss – my reason for getting rid of this product is short and sweet. I got it in a pack with other amazing benefit products, and I hate wearing lip glosses!

Designer Brands Cosmetics Hi-Lights Illuminator; Models Prefer Soft Touch Mineral Blushes & Mineral Powder; ELF Cosmetics Contouring Blush and Bronzer; Australis Cosmetics Banana Powder; Milani Baked Blushes

Designer Brands Hi-Lights Illuminator – I absolutely love this product and have had it for quite a while, but unfortunately, I no longer reach for it as I have so many other liquid highlighters that I love just as much. It gives a great glow to the skin and can be layered under powder highlight products to make the glow really pop!

Models Prefer Soft Touch Blushes – I had heard such good things about this product, however, I was sort of disappointed when I initially tried them out. These shades are a bit chalky and don’t work well on my skin.

Models Prefer Soft Touch Mineral Powder – I had also heard so much about this product when it first came out, and it looks really lovely swatched. However, I am not the biggest fan of it on my skin as it does bring out the texture on my skin. I also never reach for it but I know that some of my family will enjoy playing around with it.

ELF St. Lucia Contouring Blush and Bronzer – this is another product that I have had in my collection for ages, I actually can’t even remember when I got it! So for that reason, I definitely think it’s time for it to go in the bin.

Australis Banana Powder – I do like the idea of this product, and it works super well for colour correcting under the eyes. However, I never reach for it anymore, unfortunately.

Milani Baked Blushes in the shades Bellissimo Bronze & Rose D’oro – this blush range is absolutely stunning, I 100% recommend everyone try out the shade Luminoso. However, these shades are definitely not for me. Way too orange on my skin and way too dark. Even though the packaging is to die for, I need to make room for products I can actually use.

Too Faced x Nikkie Tutorials Glitterally Diamond Dust; Violet Voss ‘Venus’ Glitter; Australis Cosmetics Gems; L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pigments; Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick

Too Faced x Nikkie Tutorials Glitterally Diamond Dust – this was released as part of a kit with ‘The Power of Makeup’ palette. Firstly, I am still learning how to deal with glitter which means I hardly ever reach for this product. Secondly, I am not a fan of silver on my skin tone. I know some of my family will absolutely love playing around with this glitter so it will definitely be more loved in their collection.

Violet Voss ‘Venus’ Glitter – same as above reasons!

Australis AC Gems Limited Edition Shade Born to Di-Amond – this product line in general, is bloody amazing! They have released so many different shades and they literally look like liquid metal on the eyes. I am getting rid of this shade because I never reach for it.

L’Oreal Colour Infallible Pigments in Permanent Khaki and Purple Obsession – the idea behind this product is great, however, they can get quite messy. I have lots of eyeshadow palettes with similar colours in them, and I hardly ever use these products, so I thought it was time I passed them along.

Gerard Cosmetics 1995 Lipstick – this is one of the first ever lip products that I bought for my collection, so I have had to for quite a while now. It has really dried out and definitely needs to be thrown away.

Have you tried any of these products? How did they work for you? Leave me a comment and let me know! 🙂

That’s all for now Beauties!


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