My False Lash Collection | March 2018

Hi Beauties,

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then lashes are the perfect pair of curtains!

When I first started out doing makeup the thought of putting on false eyelashes would literally give me nightmares. I was never very good at it and would always end up getting super frustrated trying to apply them. But then I realised that I was just using the wrong types of lashes for my eyes. After a lot of trial and error in trying to find the right lashes for me, my lash collection is finally one that I am in love with. I only ever use brands and styles that are easy to apply and aren’t too crazy dramatic. So know that the brands I am sharing today have been tried and tested for a long time, and I love and recommend all of them.

Let’s get into my lash collection!

Ardell Lashes – Demi Wispies; Individual Lashes

Ardell Lashes – this was one of the very first lash brands that I ever tired when I first got into makeup, and for a good reason. They are definitely ‘first timer’ friendly as they are super easy to apply and also have invisible lash bands. In addition to this, they come in so many different styles which come under the ‘natural’, ‘glamour’ and ‘accent’ categories. My all-time favourite style would have to be the wispies. They are so fluttery and flirty and yet natural enough to wear on an everyday basis if that’s what you are into. I also really recommend the individual lashes to add that extra something to any makeup look. They are also handy when you want to add a little extra something to strip lashes.

Lashed Co. – Miss Tokyo; Miss Budapest; Catherine; Amber; Rebecca

Lashed Co. – this brand has quickly become a new favourite over the last year, I have yet to try a style that I don’t like. They sell a whole heap of amazing styles which come under the ‘3D Faux Mink’ and ‘3D Silk’ lash categories, some of which are more natural than others and therefore a lot easier to apply. My favourite styles are definitely Miss Tokyo and Miss Budapest because they are simply stunning. They really compliment any type of eye look whether it be soft and natural or more on the dramatic side. I can’t wait to try out even more styles from this brand.

xoBeauty – The Chic; The Gold Digger; The Primadonna; The Glamourista; The Heiress; The Brave; The Rebel; Fantasy Faux Mink

xoBeauty – if I had to wear only one lash brand for the rest of my life it would be this one. They have a style for literally everyone, are super easy to apply, have invisible or thin lash bands and can be reused so many times if looked after properly. I love that you can get natural flirty lashes, but also big fluffy dramatic lashes all from the one place. My favourite more natural everyday styles would definitely be The PrimadonnaThe Heiress and The Gold Digger lash styles. They are the perfect addition to any makeup look. My all-time favourite dramatic style would have to be The Brave lash as it really helps to complete a dark dramatic makeup look. Although the dramatic lashes are a little harder to apply due to their thicker lash band, it is still not impossible for those who may not be so used to wearing bigger lashes.

What are your favourite eyelash brands? Have you tried any of my favourites? Do you have any lash recommendations for me? Leave me a comment below and let me know! 🙂

That’s all for now beauties!


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