Jeffree Star Cosmetics | Velour Liquid Lipstick Collection | Part One

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Welcome back to another blog post! Today is going to be the first, of many, posts of a new series that I am going to be doing here on the blog. As you may or may not know, Jeffree Star Cosmetics velour liquid lipsticks are by far some of my favourites. I love the comfortability of the formula, the colour range, and the fact that he is constantly releasing more and more shades. Due to the fact that I own almost every shade that he has brought out (minus a few early shades), I thought I would start a series looking at these products. So if you are interested in seeing what shades are available, or have been available, or just want to know more about this product line then make sure to subscribe to my blog as I aim to post in this series every month!

This month I am going to focus on the red shades in my collection. Let’s get into it!

(Note: it was VERY cold when I took the swatch photos, therefore I have goosebumps so the swatches don’t look as smooth as they usually would. I was also too impatient to wait for the last to shades to dry down completely, so they also look a little funny in the swatch photos.)

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick Shades (top to bottom) – Anna Nicole; Checkmate; Redrum; Poinsettia; Wifey; Designer Blood; Unicorn Blood

Anna Nicole – orangey-red shade, part of the permanent collection

Checkmate – classic fire red; released as part of the 2016 holiday collection, no longer currently available

Redrum – matte cool toned red; part of the permanent collection

Poinsettia – metallic red; released as part of the 2017 holiday collection

Wifey – dark red; released as part of the family liquid lipstick collection

Designer Blood – dark dusty red; released as part of the 2016 holiday collection

Unicorn Blood – dark, rusty, matte red; part of the permanent collection


To show you exactly how well these velour liquid lipsticks last, I thought I would share a picture I took AFTER I scrubbed my arm with a basic makeup remover wipe. The staying power of these lipsticks is amazing! Just another reason why I highly recommend them.

Have you tried any of Jeffree Star Cosmetic’s velour liquid lipsticks? Which shade from this post is your favourite? Leave me a comment and let me know! 🙂

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