Colourpop Disney Designer Collection | First Impression

Hi Beauties!

Once upon a time… (last week), Colourpop Cosmetics launched their new, limited edition, Disney Designer Collection! I was so excited when I first saw the sneak peeks of this collection and I knew I had to get my hands on some of the goodies. If you have read any of my previous posts about Colourpop, you would know that they are a big favourite of mine. Their entire range is extremely cheap but has really high quality, and they have something for everyone.

Let’s break down the collection a little bit! Firstly, there is the ‘It’s A Princess Thing’ pressed powder shadow palette, which costs $20 USD (approx. $28 AUD) and it contains 15 eyeshadows with a mix of matte, sheen and metallic shades which are inspired by the iconic Disney Princesses. Then there are three stunning ultra glossy lip shades, ‘Bibbidi’, ‘Bobbidi’ and ‘Boo’. These can be bought separately for $6 USD each (approx. $9 AUD). Next, there are 6 crème lux lipstick shades, ‘Cinderella’, ‘Belle’, ‘Ariel’, ‘Snow White’, ‘Jasmine’ and ‘Tiana’. These cost only $7 USD each (approx. $10 AUD). Then there are 6 amazing super shock shadow shades, ‘Heigh-Ho’, ‘So This Is Love’, ‘Under The Sea’, ‘Be Our Guest’, ‘A Whole New World’ and ‘Almost There’ and these will set you back $5 USD each (approx. $7 AUD). Last but not least, Colourpop also released 2 stunning super shock highlighter shades, ‘Part Of Your World’ and ‘A Smile And A Song’. These run for $8 USD each (approx. $11 AUD). I only picked up the eyeshadow palette and three of the crème lux lipsticks as these were the products I would get the most use out of/they went out of stock so quickly!

Let’s get into swatching and my first impressions of the products I picked up.

The formula and pigmentation of the Colourpop pressed powder shadows is something that I have really grown to love over the past year. They blend super easily and look absolutely amazing on the eyes. The ‘It’s A Princess Thing’ palette contains a great mix of 4 mattes and 11 metallic/glitter/shimmer shades. They are super pigmented as you can see by the swatches and the shade range allows you to create so many amazing different looks. Colourpop’s metallic/shimmer shades are my favourite (formula wise) by far! I don’t know how they do it.

I love the packaging on this palette as well. I love the modern take of the Princess art on the front, and the fact that the shade names are on the back AND underneath the shades as well. My favourite shades would have to be Poison Apple, Fairy Godmother and Thingamabob purely because of the shine and pigmentation that they give. The only thing that is missing is a large mirror, but that can be forgiven.


I haven’t tried many of the Colourpop creme lux lipsticks in the past as I am more of a matte liquid lipstick kind of girl. The Disney Designer Collection creme lux lipsticks are all creamy-matte shades and are also said to be long-wearing. ‘Ariel’ is a peachy beige nude shade, ‘Belle’ is a rosy berry shade and ‘Snow White’ is a candy apple red shade. Although ‘Ariel’ and ‘Belle’ are so similar, the difference is just enough to warrant having both of them in my collection. The pigmentation is amazing on these products, I only did one swipe for the swatches and as you can see they are full and rich of pigment. I can see myself wearing all these shades.


An extra bonus is the packaging! I love the modern drawings of the Princesses on the carton and I also love the fact that all the Princesses signatures are on the cap of the lipsticks.

Did you pick up anything from this collection? What Disney Princess is your favourite? Leave me a comment and let me know! 🙂

That’s all for now Beauties!


7 thoughts on “Colourpop Disney Designer Collection | First Impression

    1. Ariel is definitely a favourite of mine too! But I can’t just pick one. I can’t wait to play around more with this palette. Thanks for checking it out x

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