What is the Best ‘Holiday Red’ Lipstick?

Hi Beauties!

The most wonderful time of the year is well and truly upon us! And with the most wonderful time of the year comes stunning holiday makeup! With red being the token colour of all Christmas looks you will probably see this month, I thought I better get into the festive spirit and decide once and for all, what the best ‘holiday red’ lipstick is!

Today’s post is going to all about the beautiful Red lipstick shades I have in my collection. I have tried them all on for you and I will give you some details about each shade. Then I will let you know my top favourites and why I love them so that you can be looking festive and Christmas-y all month long!

Let’s get into it!

First up we have Anna Nicole from Jeffree Star Cosmetics – I know this isn’t your typical Christmas red shade as it is more on the orange side. However, as Christmas is in the Summertime here in Australia, I find that this orangey red has more of the summer vibe.

Next we have Checkmate from Jeffree Star Cosmetics – this shade is very similar to Anna Nicole however it is more on the fiery side. Again, this shade screams ‘Summer’ to me so it would be great for an Australian Christmas.

Next is Redrum from Jeffree Star Cosmetics – this shade is cool toned and absolutely perfect for getting into that festive spirit. It is more of a true red compared to the first two shades mentioned.

Up next we have Poinsettia from Jeffree Star Cosmetics – this shade is a muted red metallic and it looks so amazing and festive on the lips. The soft hints of golden glitters really helps it bring in that Christmas vibe. I do find this shade looks more like a berry colour on the lips.

The last shade from Jeffree Star Cosmetics is Wifey – this is a dark, but sexy, brick red shade. If this doesn’t scream ‘White Christmas’ I don’t know what does! It is definitely a lot deeper than the previous shades.

Steering away from the same brand now, we have Snow White from Colourpop Cosmetics – this lux creme lipstick is a candy apple red shade and goes so well with the Christmas theme. It is not matte like the previous shades which means that it doesn’t have the same lasting power.

Finally we have Beso from Stila Cosmetics – this is the truest of true red shades. It is a matte liquid lipstick so it does have the staying power.

So which shades are the best ‘holiday reds’?

It is a tie for me between Jeffree Star Cosmetics Wifey and Stila Cosmetics Beso. I love the formula of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics (as you should know by the numerous posts I have on my blog about this product). The shade Wifey stands out above all the other Jeffree Star Cosmetics shades simply because I love the way it looks with my skin tone. It isn’t too light, but also isn’t too deep. I also love Beso because it is super easy to apply, super pigmented and again, it looks great with my skin tone. I also picked these two as my top favourites because they are matte lipsticks, which mean they dry on the lips. This means that all the eating and drinking you will be doing on Christmas day won’t ruin your lipstick!

What is your favourite ‘holiday red’ lipstick? Leave me a comment and let me know! 🙂

That’s all for now Beauties!


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