Anastasia Beverly Hills | Modern Renaissance | Palette Review

Hi Beauties!

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette has been a cult favourite ever since its release. I know what you are probably thinking, ‘Wow bit late reviewing this one, don’t you think?’ Well, instead of going out and buying a new makeup product every single week in order to have something ‘new’ and ‘fresh’ to get content out of, why not look into the makeup you already have and remind yourself why you have them in your collection in the first place.

So, the Modern Renaissance palette, for those who maybe have been holding off trying it out, contains 14 eyeshadows, with a mix of warmer neutral shades with the added pops of pink, red and orange. The majority of the palette is matte, however, the small selection of 4 shimmer shades do not disappoint. It also contains a dual-ended brush with one fluffy blending end and one densely packed precision end, and I love it! It also has a small mirror in the lid opposite the palette itself.

Let’s get into some swatches!


Tempera – light beige with a satin sheen

Golden Ochre – yellow neutral matte

Vermeer – bright, light peach with a metallic finish

Buon Fresco – muted purple/mauve matte

Antique Bronze – metallic satin bronze

Love Letter – muted dark berry matte

Cyprus Umber – dark brown matte

Raw Sienna – light brown matte

Burnt Orange – muted orange matte

Primavera – peachy-gold metallic

Red Ochre – muted reddish-brown matte

Venetian Red – medium-dark red matte

Warm Taupe – taupe-brown matte

Realgar – orange/brown matte

Now let’s get into some pros and cons of this beautiful palette.

Pros – super pigmented, blendable, great colour selection, the mattes aren’t overly dry and they perform the same as the metallic shades, great sized mirror and the additional dual-ended brush is always good.

Cons – it is pigmented to the point that if you even slightly go overboard when getting the shadows on your brush, you will have a tougher time blending shades into one-another, expensive for the size of the pans you are getting, mostly matte palette, the packaging gets dirty very easily.


I do love the colour story of this palette. However, I find that I don’t reach for it nearly as much as I should simply because the pigmentation is so intense that I have a hard time using it. I am not an expert when it comes to makeup, nor do I know all the skills and techniques that comes along with makeup. Because I am just the average person, I think that this palette is just a little too intense for me. But I will continue using it and hopefully, my skills will be developed enough one day to be able to use this palette to its fullest potential.

Have you tried the Modern Renaissance Palette? What other palettes would you like to see me review? Leave me a comment and let me know! 🙂

That’s all for now Beauties!



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  1. Yes i agree about this one. I love ABH formulas but MR didn’t appeal to me because I never use those colors. I do however have subculture and love it. I sampled Soft Glam at the store and I think that color story is much more doable across the board


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