Jeffree Star Cosmetics | Androgyny Palette | Palette Review

Hi Beauties,

By now if you don’t know who Jeffree Star is then clearly you are really new to my blog. (Hi, Hello I’m Emma, please follow) I would also have to assume that you are not into the YouTube beauty community OR you have been living under a rock for the past few years. Jeffree Star is one of those Beauty Guru’s that seems to always be involved in some sort of drama or controversy. Despite this, there is no denying that Jeffree Star Cosmetics has been absolutely smashing it when it comes to releases and sales. I have a series on my blog which looks at his entire Velour Liquid Lipstick range as it is my favourite formula.

All the way back in 2017, Jeffree Star Cosmetics released its second eyeshadow palette. The Androgyny Palette has been a big hit since its arrival on the market and it is easy to see why. On Wednesday I posted 4 Looks, 1 Palette which gave you a little insight into what the palette is about. So today, as promised, I am going to finally share my review.

This palette goes for $45 USD (approx.. $63.50 AUD) but is currently sold out on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Website. It comes with 10 super large eyeshadow pans with a mixture of super matte and metallic shades and is also vegan and cruelty-free. It also comes with a huge mirror on the inside of the lid, which is a major bonus! It is described on his website as:

The Androgyny Palette is our version of a “neutral” palette. Endless possibilities to create and explore. Experience our 2 finishes: super mattes and metallic. 10 jaw-dropping shades. Extreme pigment.

Let’s get into some swatches!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics – Androgyny Palette Swatches

As you can see all the shadows are extremely pigmented. If you have seen my previous post (4 looks, 1 palette) then you would have seen the different looks I was able to create using this palette. And you would also see that the colours blend really nicely on the eyes. They aren’t overly pigmented that you need to put in a lot of elbow grease just to make them work, but they are pigmented enough that you can see them on the skin after one swipe. Even though the packaging is cardboard, it still feels super sturdy and good enough to protect the pans should you take this palette with you if you travel. I love the pink textured faux snakeskin packaging, it really gives it that extra bit of glamour.

I love that this palette isn’t your usual take on a “neutral” palette. It still has those essential blending shades (both light and dark) but it also has some great pops of colour. I would say that I don’t find myself needing BOTH the Poison and Swallow shades as they are very similar so it would have been nice to substitute one of those for another transition type shade. My favourites would have to be Frosting, Fetish, Charm and Deja Vu as they work so well with my eye colour and really add to any makeup look.

Final thoughts: I really do love this palette. Do I think every beauty lover needs it? No. If this kind of colour story tickles your fancy then I would recommend picking it up. These shades aren’t for everyone that’s for sure! Unfortunately it is currently sold out on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website, however for us Aussie Babes, Black Swallow and Princess Polly are also exclusive stockists, so check their websites if you are wanting to pick it up ASAP.

Have you tried the Androgyny palette? What other Jeffree Star Cosmetics products should I review? Leave me a comment and let me know 🙂

That’s all for now Beauties!



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