New In My Collection | May 2019

Hi Beauties!

Before I jump into today’s post I just wanted to give you a little update. If you follow my blog closely then you may have noticed that I had been trying to stick to a regular posting schedule with posts designated to certain weeks. While this was great for a few weeks, I found myself falling out of love with the entire process as I was forcing myself to write posts just so I could keep the little theme schedule going. So moving forward I have decided to scratch this idea and just post things that I m excited to share with you guys. I am also going to trial different posting times so my blog posts will come in at random times over the next little while until I find a day/s or time/s that work well for me. Follow my Instagram so you know exactly when I am going to post!

Anyway, enough rambling because today’s post is already going to be long enough! I am going to be sharing my recent purchases with you today.

Let’s get into it.

#1 – Shop Miss A

I recently made a small order from the Shop Miss A site. If you haven’t heard of them, Miss A is a US-based site that stocks their own brand of $1 (USD) items, as well as some other popular affordable makeup and skincare brands. They have grown a lot since my last order with them (a few years ago), so I was excited to check out the new things they have available on their site.

After seeing an Instagram story from the ever so lovely @kimkroft about some absolutely stunning magnetic palettes, I jumped straight on and made an order. The three I picked up are from the brand a2o Lab. They have so many beautiful palettes, some smaller and some larger. I grabbed one each of the large wood, gold paint and rose gold palettes. They are super sturdy and are amazing quality and they each come with a large mirror which is a great bonus!


Next up I picked up two AOA Studio skincare products. The eye makeup remover pads are said to remove even the toughest waterproof makeup without tugging and pulling on your eyes. The lip remover pads are almost exactly the same product! But they are obviously more targeted towards removing liquid lipsticks by melting away the products. I am excited to see how these perform.

#2 – Lashed Co.

I have made not 1 but 2 separate orders from Lashed Co. this past month (cause I love them that much, obviously!) The beautiful Caitlin Hosking established this brand in 2016 and specializes in some amazing 3D Faux Mink and Silk lashes. She has launched Luxeva Cosmetics in 2017 which currently sells matte lipsticks and makeup blender sponges which I am yet to try but definitely want to get my hands on!


I had no idea that she had packs of lashes for sale on her website, so when I came across my all-time favourite lashes (Miss Budapest) in a pack of 5 I couldn’t stop myself from putting them into my cart! Within the same order, I also picked up a pair of the Miss Shanghai and Miss Sydney lashes. They are so stunning and I can’t wait to use them.


Fast forward maybe a week or two, and I noticed that Cait was having an amazing sale on the site. So naturally, I grabbed some more lashes! This time I picked up the Miss Cuzco and Miss Rio lashes. Lastly, I picked up a lash applicator which is so stunning and might make it easier for me to apply my lashes with my newly grown claws.

#3 – Mecca

It was my birthday last month! I was lucky enough to receive some money from my amazing Nanny, so I treated myself to some goodies from Mecca. I had been wanting to try the Too Faced Born This Way Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer for AGES now, so I picked up the shade Swan. I have been trying it out for a little while now and so far so good. I might do a little review on it soon to let you know my full thoughts.


I have been lovely my Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadows so I knew I needed some more in my collection. This time I grabbed a Shade Mystere in the shade Spellbound. It is a violet shade with fuchsia and blue flip pearls. I am yet to use it but I am excited to see what looks I can incorporate it into.

Next up I restocked my new favourite moisturizer. Now, Tatcha is by no means a brand for everyone, and when I saw how much the full-sized water cream cost I was a little shocked. But after using the mini size for a while now I was prepared to spend the cash on it. However, sadly (or luckily) for me they had run out of stock. So I ended up grabbing another mini one! I love The Water Cream so much, it leaves my skin feeling super smooth and hydrated for such a long time!

Lastly, I ran out of my favourite MAC Cosmetics Brush Cleanser so I was on the hunt for another. Mecca didn’t stock that product, unfortunately, but the lovely girl helping me recommended the Mecca Max Power Tool Brush Refresh Mist. I have been using it for a while now and so far so good! Only negative is that the scent is really strong as the main ingredient is isopropyl alcohol (as it is great for disinfecting).

#4 – XoBeauty

As if all the lashes mentioned above weren’t enough, I picked up more! XoBeauty was having a 40% off sale so I took advantage of it and picked up some styles I haven’t tried yet. In case you didn’t know, XoBeauty is YouTube Queen ShaaanXo’s own brand. She sells lashes, brushes and makeup!


I picked up two of the Faux Mink Lashes in the styles Panther and Thunder. They look like such amazing quality and are super fluffy so I am excited to use them. Lastly, I had been in the hunt for some fake lashes for the lower lash line so when I saw The Understated lashes on her site I picked up 2 pairs!

#5 – PLouise

The P Louise bases have been all the hype lately as it is said to intensify any eyeshadow look when used as a base. It was such a hit when it was first released that there are now numerous shades of the original base so that any person with any skin tone can find the right base for them. They have also released coloured bases which look so amazing! For us here in Australia, the exchange rate, as well as the price of shipping, is a big factor when making a purchase like this one, as it ends up being sooooo much more expensive.


However, I treated myself (after all the other purchases lol) and grabbed 3 shades, 0, 0.5 and 1. I am beyond excited to test these out and I am thinking I might have a dedicated review post on these soon!

#6 – Baddie Cosmetics

Neon pigments have been taking over the makeup world lately and it’s easy to see why! They are so bright and beautiful and they really step up any makeup look. I had been on the hunt for some neon pigments for a while when I saw an Instagram post about the Baddie Cosmetics Neon Lights Stack!


I jumped straight over to their website and ordered myself one. It comes with 6 bold and intense pigments. I am a little scared to try them out as they are loose eyeshadows so I know I will get them everywhere but stay tuned to see if I can create some looks with them!

Did I pick up anything you have had your eye on? What other products do you think I should try out? Leave me a comment and let me know 🙂

That’s all for now Beauties!


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