Clean Out Week | Part 2 | Empties

Hi Beauties!

Welcome back to another blog post. I hope you are enjoying the posts I have been putting up for you guys!

Today’s post is part 2 of 3 posts going up this week! First, I gave you a look into some products that I recently decluttered. Today, we will look at a few empty products I have used up over the last month (and I will let you know if I plan on repurchasing them). And lastly, I will give you a little project pan update.

Let’s get into some empties!


Tatcha – The Water Cream has quickly become my new favourite moisturizer. I love it so much that I have had to hide my newly repurchased (spoiler alert) one so that I use up some other moisturizers I have in my collection. I love this product because it leaves my skin feeling super hydrated and smooth for such a long time. It doesn’t just soak into my skin and disappear. Like I said, I have already repurchased this one!


Maybelline – I have been trying to get back into doing eyeliner with some of the makeup looks I have created lately, which is why this one is empty! I love using this as a base/outline for my liner and then going over the top/filling in the line with a liquid liner. At this stage, I don’t know if I will repurchase this one again.

L’Oreal Paris – I have had the Lumi Magique Highlighter in my collection for some time and I was wondering when it would run out. I have been using this more recently as an eyeshadow base and I really loved how it performed. I won’t be repurchasing this product however, simply because I have so many concealers open at the moment, I don’t need to add any more!


Makeup Revolution – I feel like everyone in the beauty community has mentioned the Conceal & Define Concealer at some point within the last year or so. I loved mine to death and I am so happy that I grabbed 3 shades because I have gone through them so quickly! I have one of the shades left and now that they are being stocked at Priceline for us Aussie beauties, I will be running and grabbing the super-sized product asap.


Beauty Essentials – if you didn’t know, Priceline stocks this really amazing and affordable skincare brands. I grabbed a bunch of their makeup remover wipes when Priceline had one of their amazing skincare sales and I have fallen in love. I have used up the Sensitive and Micellar ones and I have already repurchased some other flavours (if you will) to try out. Did I mention they are only $2?!


MAC Cosmetics – I have gone through so many bottles of this brush cleanser so you can be sure that I really do love this product. It cleans/disinfects your brushes so well and also dries super quickly which would be great for you makeup artist beauties. I did go to repurchase this but it was out of stock so I grabbed another brand, but I will definitely pick this up again in the future.

Garnier – everyone loves a bit of micellar water am I right? I love using this for cleaning up eyeshadow/winged liner, for removing makeup for a cut crease or for an extra step in my makeup removing process. It is such a great all rounder! I have already repurchased a super big size of this so hopefully, I shouldn’t run out anytime soon.


Bioderma – this Make-up Removing Micelle Solution was a favourite of mine for such a long time. It works great as a makeup remover on its own, or as an added step in the makeup removing process. It leaves my skin feeling super clean which is what you want in a makeup remover. I will repurchase this one in the future, but for right now I am testing out some other similar products.

Have you tried any of these products? Leave me a comment and let me know 🙂

That’s all for now Beauties


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