Huda Beauty | Electric Obsessions Palette | Full Review

Hi Beauties,

Huda Beauty has become a household name within the beauty community over the past few years. Whether it is because of the controversies surrounding Huda Kattan, or her amazing makeup products, there is no denying that the brand she has created is glamorous and of high quality. Since its creation in 2013, Huda has developed her brand into something that is highly respected amongst the beauty community. 

Today’s post is going to focus on a bit of an ‘older’ palette that was released from Huda Beauty a couple of years back. Although this palette is no longer available for purchase (that I can find anyway) I still wanted to include it in my rounds of eyeshadow tests. 

This palette is a mini eyeshadow palette which contains 6 bold matte shades and 3 shimmers. As you can tell, this palette is not for the faint-hearted! It is super bright and contains everything from electric yellows to bright blues. There are two main reasons I purchased this palette: 1. I mean look at it, it is beautiful, and 2. At the time I didn’t have anything colourful in my collection, so why not start with this mini bright palette?  


Electric #1 is a matte bright magenta shade. I love washing this shade all through the crease or to help blend out a deeper pink/purple shade. She is super pigmented and is such a beautiful bright shade. 

Electric #2 is a metallic purple shade. I love using this all over the lid or under the lower lash line for a pop of something special. This isn’t my favourite shade in the palette just because it can easily give you a bruised look if you blend it out too much, but I still enjoy having her there anyway. 

Electric #3 is a matte peach shade. Again, I love using this shade all through the crease or as a transition/blending shade. I love the pigmentation of this shade because it isn’t too in your face where it is hard to use, but it still shows up and is easily built up! 

Electric #4 is a metallic dark cobalt shade. How stunning is she? I have to admit I don’t use this one often but when I do I remember why I love it. I tend to use it in a darker look all over the lid, or sometimes on the lower lash line for a nice dark pop. 

Electric #5 is a matte yellow shade. As far as yellows are concerned, this is an amazing shade! It is super pigmented and blends like a dream. I love using it to help blend out the pink/coral shades or on its own for a cute bright look. It also looks pretty amazing as an inner corner highlight. 

Electric #6 is a matte rich fuchsia pink shade and it might just be the brightest shade in this palette. It is easy to work with but can stain your skin just because of the pink pigments in it. I love using it in the crease, or even all over the lid for a cute monochromatic look. 

Electric #7 is a matte dark teal shade. Another amazingly pigmented matte shade. Just like the dark purple shade, this one can make it look like you have a bruised eye if you go too crazy with it. I love using this to deepen the crease or the outer corner. 

Electric #8 is a metallic light sky blue shade. This is possibly my favourite shade in the entire palette just because of the metallic finish to it. It is super pigmented and works well with just a finger or with a brush too. I love using this shade over the lid or even as an inner corner highlight. 

Electric #9 is a matte dark red shade. I love using this to deepen the crease or to add more definition to the outer corner. This is another one that can stain the eye just because of the extreme pigments in it. Such a cool addition to the palette!  


My Final Thoughts

Considering this palette cost me $48 USD when I picked it up, I expected big things. I loved it when I first purchased it and was able to create some really beautiful looks with it. Nowadays, it sadly is one of those palettes that sits in my drawer and gets neglected. I am glad that I included it in my little ‘random eyeshadow palette’ tests, and I am glad that I got to use it early on in the testing phases (am I doing an experiment or something? Sounding so scientific and professional). 

All the shades are super bright and pigmented, with not one shade letting the team down. The mattes are obviously a little drier than the shimmery shades, but isn’t that to be expected anyway? All the shades blend out super easily on the skin and they do really pop when placed on a nice, light base. One minor negative is that some of the shades do stain the eye ever so slightly. Even though this palette is considered a ‘mini’, the pan sizes are still a decent size, and I don’t see myself being able to go through all the product before it sadly expires. 

So the real question is, is the Huda Beauty Electric Obsessions palette staying in my collection? Yeah guys, yeah it is. Although I don’t always reach for it, it is something that I would miss from my collection if it wasn’t there. I definitely plan on keeping it until it can no longer perform its proper duties.  

Do you have this palette in your collection? Do you wish you could still get your hands on it now? What is your favourite Huda Beauty product? Make sure you leave me a comment and let me know 🙂

That’s all for now Beauties!




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