The Palette Tag | Best and Worst Eyeshadow Palettes

Hi Beauties,

In case you hadn’t noticed from my recent ‘My Makeup Stash | Eyeshadow Palettes’ post, I own way too many palettes for one person! I have also recently loved going through my palettes and figuring out which ones I actually get a lot of use out of and which ones I don’t. Through this process, I have learnt so many things about each palette in my collection.

Recently there has been a great tag going around the blogging community called The Palette Tag! When I saw my lovely friend Emily from emmiesbeautylife post this tag on her blog last week I knew I had to do one of my own! So if you want to see my picks then keep on reading! 

Side Note: I won’t go into too much detail about these palettes as I am doing dedicated posts on all of my eyeshadow palette collection over the next few months. If I have already uploaded a dedicated post for any I mention, then I shall link that for you to check out!

Newest Palette – Ulta3 Go Getter Eyeshadow Palette – $19.95 AUD *gifted*

I was lucky enough to be gifted this palette at the end of 2019 (and I haven’t brought any new palettes since then!). For such an affordable palette, the quality is definitely there. I am excited to test this one out more and give you a full review in the future. 


Oldest Palette – Violet Voss Holy Grail Eyeshadow Palette – $45.00 USD

I have the very old version of this palette as it has since been reformulated with some pretty special ingredients. I will definitely need to upgrade to the newer version soon as this has been in my collection for many years now. I love the shade range, the formula of all 20 eyeshadows and that is it super easy to travel with! 

Most Expensive Palette – Jeffree Star Cosmetics Jawbreaker Palette – $58.00 USD

This big and bold palette is definitely the most expensive in my collection at approx. $85 AUD! Damn son! In terms of the palette itself, I think it is worth the money. You get such a big range of colourful shades that have really good quality. 


Most Affordable Palette – ColourPop Cosmetics She’s A Rainbow Palette – $40.00 AUD

I know what you’re thinking, $40 ain’t that cheap girl. Well considering how many shades are actually in this palette, it works out pretty darn cheap. Each individual pan works out to be $1.60 each! And the shades are stunning, bright and pigmented. 

My Everyday Palette – Violet Voss Holy Grail Eyeshadow Palette – $45.00 USD

My oldest and most favourite palette is, of course, my every day one too! I love the shade range and how I can easily create a nice subtle everyday look, and then quickly turn it into a bold night time look; all with the one palette. 


Most Colourful Palette – Certifeye The Tropical Wonders Palette – $57.95 AUD & ColourPop Cosmetics She’s A Rainbow Palette – $40.00 AUD

Do I even need to say anything? Look at these palettes! They are bright and colourful and a true asset in my collection. 

Smallest Palette – Huda Beauty Electric Obsessions Palette – discontinued

While I have two different 9 pan palettes, this one is the smallest and most compact of the two! Sadly it is no longer available for purchase but I am sure you can find something just as beautiful out there.

Blog post on this palette


Biggest Palette – Jeffree Star Cosmetics Jawbreaker Palette – $58.00 USD

Check out this big boy! While I have other palettes with the same number of pans, this one is the biggest in regards to palette size. It is harder to store this in my collection, but I have made it work! 

Palette With The Best Memory – Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Sugar Palette – $52.00 USD

This category was such a hard one for me, but I ended up going for my Blood Sugar palette simply because this was the first every Jeffree Star Cosmetics palette I ever purchased. I remember being so excited that I was even able to afford it at the time. The shades really spoke to me as I love these tones against my eye colour. 


Palette That Was Worth The Hype – Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mini Breaker Palette – $28.00 USD

I definitely think that this little 9 pan palette is worth every penny. I don’t think it got the hype it deserved as it was released alongside its bigger sister Jawbreaker. I love the shades and how small and compact it is. Also helps that it is super pigmented and easy to use! 

Blog post on this palette

Palette That Was Not Worth The Hype – Juvias Place The Zulu Palette – $20.00 USD

Ok, hear me out before you judge this decision. I do really like this palette. It is so bright and the pan sizes are insane. But I think the hype around this palette when it was first released doesn’t really match the palette itself.  While it is beautiful, I don’t reach for this palette as much as I feel like I am very limited in terms of what I can actually create using this palette. 


Favourite Palette From My Favourite Brand – Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Sugar Palette – $52.00 USD

I just love the tones, shades, pigmentation and packaging of this palette. And that’s it really.


My Most Used Palette – Violet Voss Holy Grail Eyeshadow Palette – $45.00 USD

My oldest palette is definitely my most used palette. I always find myself reaching for this palette when I don’t know what look I want to go for, or when I just want to quickly get my makeup done. I know I can always create a simple or bold look using this one palette. 

That tag was a little more difficult than I had bargained for! I challenge anyone that wants to do it to take part! Let me know what you would pick for these categories!

That’s all for now Beauties!



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