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Makeup Inventory Template 

Hi Beauties, I have a quick, short little post for you all today! If you have been following my Instagram for a while, then you may have seen me mention my Makeup Inventory on my stories. If you haven’t, well let me show you! First things first, what is a makeup inventory? I first saw…

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My Monthly Makeup Looks | #1

Hi Beauties! Firstly, I wanted to take a minute to say Hello to all my new followers. My blog has been steadily growing lately and I am so proud of the nearly 100 amazing Beauties I have following me! Thank you so much for viewing my content, liking and leaving comments. It truely does mean…

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Makeup Storage 2019

Hi Beauties, I guess it doesn’t come as much of a shock to you when I say I love makeup. I love playing with it, I love looking at it, I like everything about it. But if there is one thing I love more than makeup, its organisation. I love knowing EXACTLY where everything is,…

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