ColourPop Cosmetics | Single Pressed Shadows | Full Review

Hi Beauties!

Today is another long one so I won’t go on in my little introduction. As you can tell from its title, this post is an in-depth look into my personalised ColourPop Cosmetics Single Pressed Shadows. I picked these shades myself, so my goal for this palette is to only keep the colours that I think I would get the most use out of. Let’s do it! 


Now and Zen is a metallic pale yellow gold shade. The pigmentation on this shade is amazing. It really does add that pop of colour to the inner corner, the brow bone or however you wish to use it really. Because of its velvety texture, it can tend to pick up a bit chunky on a brush or finger if you are too heavy-handed. Verdict – she’s staying! 

Let Me Explain is a metallic ivory shade. Similar to Now and Zen, the pigmentation is so amazing but it can pick up a little chunky if you go in too hard. I love using this shade for a bit of brightness on the inner corner and brow bone. Verdict – she’s staying! 

Come And Get It is a beautiful duo-chrome rose with a gold flip. Once again, the pigmentation on this shade is amazing, especially considering how cheap and affordable ColourPop shadows are. I have to admit that I don’t reach for this shade too often, but when I do I am reminded why I fell in love with it in the first place. Verdict – she’s staying! 

Heavy Glam is a vibrant duo-chrome orange with a pink shift. This shade was also a collaboration with the beautiful ILUVSARAHII. Again, it is a shade I don’t reach for too often as I don’t think pinks are really my colour, but it is still so beautiful to occasionally put on the eyelid or even as a pop on the inner corner. However, after playing around with it recently I was a little unimpressed with how it performed. Verdict – bye sis! 

Pinky Promise is a rich, metallic, cranberry red shade. These types of colours are the ones I am obsessed with as I think they really make my green/hazel eyes pop! On its own, all over the lid it really makes a bold statement, which is exactly how I have been using it. However, now that I think about it, pop it over a black base and wow I can only imagine the beauty. Sadly it is no longer on their website, which makes me believe it may be discontinued! Verdict – she’s staying! 

Lit is a metallic dark plum shade, very similar to Pinky Promise actually! Lit is definitely more of a purple shade, compared to Pinky Promise, which is more uh, pinky. Again this is one I would use over the lid as a bold statement with a smokey eye look. Sadly it is no longer on their website, which makes me believe that it may be discontinued! Verdict – she’s staying! 

Indio is a soft pink with holographic glitter. The glitters in this shade aren’t too large but they are slightly chunky, which I think adds to the beauty of it. I have to say that glitter has never been my thing as I just never got the hang of applying it and it just goes everywhere! However, these pressed glitters are something I can get behind. Although it is advertised as a self-adhering glitter, I use a base as it just helps make it extra sparkly and helps the staying power. Verdict – she’s staying! 


Vivacious is a light-medium metallic peach shade. This shade is just like the rest in terms of pigmentation however, I did notice that it tended to sheer out the longer I wore it. Perhaps with a good base underneath this wouldn’t be an issue. I love using this on the inner corner to brighten the eye, all over the lid, or if I’m feeling extra, well, vivacious, I might use it on a wet brush to really give it a bright pop. Sadly it is no longer on their website, which makes me believe that it may be discontinued! Verdict – she’s staying! 

High Strung is a metallic coppery brown shade. The pigmentation of all ColourPop metallics is just second to none. I am drawn to this shade as soon as I look at my little palette, something about it just screams my name. I love using it all over the lid or as an inner corner pop. Sadly it is no longer on their website, which makes me believe that it may be discontinued! Verdict – she’s staying! 

Snake Eyes is a metallic pale pink taupe shade. This is another shade that I reach for all the time when using this palette. It is great all over the lid and as an inner corner highlight as well. I don’t know how I haven’t hit pan on it yet! Verdict – she’s staying! 

Glass Bull is a duo-chrome lavender icy-blue shade. This is my all-time favourite shadow in my palette to use all over the lid or as an inner corner highlight. It is applied best with your fingers, but a damp brush works amazing also. The other day I applied this over a dark base, and ohhh girl, do this and you will have yourself a bomb look, my friend. Verdict – she’s staying!

Tea Garden is a duo-chrome red with a green-gold flip. This is one I don’t reach for all too often. I love the numerous different colours you can get out of it, depending on where the light is hitting the shade. Once again, it’s one for all over the lid or as an inner corner pop. Verdict – she’s staying!

Lightshow is an iridescent teal glitter. On the website it is said to be a ‘self-adhering’ glitter, however, without any base, it just flakes off. With a good base underneath it, this glitter really is bright and beautiful! Verdict – she’s staying!

Tiny Tangerines is a metallic teal shade. This shade works amazing with a damp brush much like the other metallic shades. It is so easy to blend out and has a super smooth and soft consistency. Again, love using it on the inner corner or all over the lid. Sadly it is no longer on their website, which makes me believe that it may be discontinued! Verdict – she’s staying!

Antimatter is a metallic turquoise with a deep purple duo chrome flip. I find this shade a little hard to work with because I have found that if you over blend it, then it can become very dark and black (really resembles a bruised eye). It is easy to apply and is also very pigmented. The blue sparkles really stand out when applied with your finger too. Verdict – bye sis! 

Crown Jewel is a slightly shimmery dark purple shade. Look, I am really not impressed with this shade. It feels drier than the others in my collection, it is harder to work with (granted that most purples are like that) and it just doesn’t meet my high standards for an eyeshadow. I don’t even think I have used this shade since I swatched it when I first got it. It’s also not on their website, so there’s that. Verdict – bye sis! 

Bel Air is a matte cool taupe shade. The pigmentation on the matte shade is also pretty amazing. They are a little drier to the touch, but that is to be expected when dealing with matte shades. I love using this as a transition colour all over the crease, sometimes I just pop this on, add mascara and walk out the door. Verdict – she’s staying! 

Freckles is a matte light brown shade. The pigmentation of this is amazing and I love using it all over the crease or to add more definition to the inner crease when I am creating a softer look. Again, she’s a little drier than some of the other shades in my palette but I am putting that down to it being a matte shade. Sadly it is no longer on their website, which makes me believe that it may be discontinued! Verdict – she’s staying! 

Top Notch is a matte terracotta brown shade. Again, another drier shade due to its finish, but the pigmentation is great! Because this one is a little deeper in colour compared to the last two, it is perfect for creating definition or deepening the outer crease. Verdict – she’s staying! 

Cloud Nine is a matte plummy brown shade. I love how deep this colour is. I love using this to deepen the outer corner, or I use it as a liner when I want something a little softer than a black. The pigmentation of this dark brown is amazing too! Verdict – she’s staying! 

Noche is a matte dark brown shade, very similar to Cloud Nine. I love using this shade in the same way I use the other dark brown shades, as a liner, outer corner or just for more depth in a nice smokey look. I do think it is way too similar to the shade above so the real question is… do I need two dark browns? Sadly it is no longer on their website, which makes me believe that it may be discontinued! Verdict – bye sis! 

Razy is a deep matte eggplant shade. It is highly pigmented with a smooth velvety texture, more on the dry side compared to other shades. I love using to deepen the outer crease for a more dramatic look. Sadly it is no longer on their website, which makes me believe that it may be discontinued! Verdict – she’s staying! 

Let’s Do It is a deep matte black shade. It does needs building up to be a true black shade but the pigmentation is definitely there. Again, it is more on the drier side of matte shades but it does blend out on the eye like a dream. I love smudging it along the lash line for a perfectly soft winged liner look. Verdict – she’s staying!

End Results: I started off with 23 single shadows in this palette, and after the big test, I am decluttering 4 and keeping 19. Not a big shock as I knew I loved these shadows, but hey, it’s something!

I would highly recommend any beauty lover to get their hands on some of the ColourPop Cosmetics single pressed shadows. They are such good value for money (especially when they have sales on, which is pretty regularly) and the shade range is incredible!

What was your favourite shade from my palette? What ColourPop Single Pressed Shadows are your favourite? Leave me a comment and let me know 🙂

That’s all for now Beauties!


My Makeup Stash | Eyeshadow Palettes

Hi Beauties!

A while ago I started a series on here (that quickly went dead when I needed to have a break from blogging) that looked at all my makeup products. Today we are going to revive that series and start fresh. I am going to start at a weird spot, with my eyeshadow palettes. 

If you follow my Instagram then you might have seen that I have allocated each of my eyeshadow palettes a number. Every now and then I will randomly generate a number and whichever palette that number corresponds to is the palette that I will play around with and post a full review (and swatches) on. Therefore, I won’t be going into much detail about the palettes, their shades and showing swatches in this post. But just know, they are coming this year! 

#1 – Certifeye ‘The Tropical Wonders’ Palette

If you are after a colourful palette, this is the one for you. It consists of 18 matte shadows with a colour story that reaches from one side of the rainbow to the other. It is also vegan-friendly and cruelty-free! I got this palette early in 2019 and I have been very happy with my decision to purchase it. 

#2 – Jeffree Star Cosmetics ‘Androgyny’ Palette

The infamous Jeffree Star released this palette into his line back in 2017 and it has been a big hit since its arrival on the market. It consists of 10 sugar large eyeshadow pans with a mix of super matte and metallic finishes. It is also cruelty-free. This palette has been in my collection for a little while, so it will be interesting to see if my thoughts have changed on it when I test it out a little more this year. 

#3 – ColourPop Cosmetics x Disney ‘It’s A Princess Thing’ Palette

I feel like everyone was so excited when ColourPop Cosmetics released its first collaboration with Disney. Since the launch of this palette, the collaborations haven’t ended! This palette consists of 15 shadows with a range of matte and metallic finishes. This is a palette that I am unsure about in my collection as I don’t reach for it often however, it is such a ‘collectors’ item for someone who loves all things Disney, so even if I am not still in love with it after testing it out, it may just stay in my collection.

#4 – ColourPop Cosmetics x Shayla ‘Perception’ Palette

This stunning palette consists of 16 shadows with a great mix of matte and shimmer finishes. I was blown away by this palette when I had first gotten my hands on it, as I had never tried a proper eyeshadow palette from ColourPop before. However, now that I have been playing with more products, this palette has been put on the backburner. Again, this is one palette that I need to play with again to see if my love still remains.  

#5 – ColourPop Cosmetics ‘She’s A Rainbow’ Palette

Hello rainbow, how are you? Another amazing colourful rainbow palette in my collection! Back in the day, I stayed as far away from ‘colourful’ looks as possible. These days I am mad for them! This palette contains 24 beautiful shadows with a mix of matte, shimmer and glitter shades. I have only had this in my collection since September 2019, so in all honesty, I haven’t gotten to play around with it too much. 

#6 – Huda Beauty ‘Electric Obsessions’ Palette

This little palette is the first Huda Beauty product I ever splurged on, and it was also my first ever ‘colourful’ palette. This little mini palette contains 9 colourful shadows with a mix of matte and shimmer shades. It is such a bold and bright palette for someone who is attempting to dip their feet into the colourful world. Unfortunately, you can no longer purchase this palette, which does make me both hesitant to use it and also to let it go. I haven’t picked this up in a while but I am sure I will still love it when I finally do.   

#7 – Juvia’s Place ‘The Saharan’ Palette 

I feel like everyone needs to try a palette from Juvia’s Place once in their life. They are so bold and pigmented, so it is easy to see why they are becoming so popular. This palette contains 12 super bold shadows in a mix of matte, shimmer and sheen finishes. I have to be honest and say I find it hard to get inspired to create looks with this palette as I guess I am not so used to this sort of colour story, but let’s hope that when I test it out at some point this year that changes. 

#8 – Ulta3 ‘Go Getter’ Palette*

I was ever so generously sent this product just before Christmas in 2019, so I haven’t had the chance to play around with it too much yet. This palette consists of 9 shadows with a mix of matte, shimmer and glitter finishes. I do love the colour story of this palette, as I love myself some berry tones. Fingers crossed I love this palette as it is just so affordable. 

#9 – Jeffree Star Cosmetics ‘Mini Breaker’ Palette

I feel like every beauty lover has seen this palette, so there is no introduction needed. This palette consists of 9 beautiful shadows with a mix of matte, shimmer and glitter finishes. This palette definitely got the type it deserved when it was first released as it is an absolutely stunning palette. I already know I will be keeping this one, but I still can’t wait to play with it and fall in love all over again. 

#10 – Juvia’s Place ‘The Zulu’ Palette

Another colourful palette… really Emma? This palette is so beautiful. It consists of 9 highly pigmented rainbow shadows with a mix of matte and metallic finishes. I am slightly confused about the dark brown shade in the palette, however, I understand it is always nice to have a deeper shade for those more smokey looks. 

#11 – Juvia’s Place ‘The Saharan II’ Palette

This is the last Juvia’s Place I have in my collection. This palette consists of 9 shadows with a mix of matte and metallic finishes. If I am being honest, the metallic shades are all I want to use in this palette as the mattes are way too much for my skin tone (anyone tanner than me could get so much use out of them!). But in saying this, is the palette worth keeping just for the metallics? I hope to figure this out soon. 

#12 – Violet Voss ‘Holy Grail’ Palette 

There is a reason this palette is called the Holy Grail! This palette consists of 20 amazing shadows with a mix of matte, metallic and sheen finishes. There is not a lot I can say about this palette that I haven’t already said on my blog and my Instagram before. I love this palette so much and it will never be leaving me! In saying that, I can not wait for it to pop up in my random palette generator so I can play with it. 

#13 – Personalised ColourPop Cosmetics Single Pressed Eyeshadow Palette

This palette is a little different as it is one I have put together myself. My goal when I test out this palette is to possibly narrow down the colours in it and get rid of any that I am just never going to use. In this palette, I have a mix of matte, shimmer, metallic and glitter shadows. This was the first palette that I randomly selected to test out so stay tuned for an in-depth blog post on this one real soon. 

#14 – Personalised Makeup Geek Cosmetics Single Shadow Palette

Similar to the palette above, this is one that I put together myself. These shadows are some of the oldest in my collection and therefore need to be tested to ensure that they are still performing to their very best. This palette has a mix of matte, metallic and duo chrome shadows in it. 

#15 – Jeffree Star Cosmetics ‘Blood Sugar’ Palette

Again, I feel like this is a palette that everyone either has in their own collection, has tried out, or has at least seen it everywhere online. It has been super popular since it’s release and it really isn’t hard to see why. This palette consists of 18 super pigmented shadows with a mix of matte, shimmer and metallic finishes. This one is definitely staying in my collection after I test it out again, but I can’t wait to see what new looks I can come up with using it. 

#16 – Jeffree Star Cosmetics ‘Jawbreaker’ Palette 

Last, but certainly not least, is this enormous palette. This palette consists of 24 shadows with a mix of matte, metallic and shimmer finishes. I fell in love with this palette as soon as I saw it! So it is safe to say that it won’t be going anywhere. Even though something about this palette messes with my slight OCD, I can not wait to play around with it again and come up with some really amazing colourful looks. 

Note: any products marked with * were sent to me to try out.

Have you tried any of these eyeshadow palettes? Which palette is your favourite? Make sure you leave me a comment and let me know 🙂

That’s all for now Beauties!



ColourPop Cosmetics | Lip Products

Hi Beauties,

If you haven’t heard of ColourPop Cosmetics then I am going to assume that you have been living under a rock for the past few years. It is definitely one of the most affordable brands on the market (even for us beauties down under in Australia) and their wide range of products is amazing. ColourPop is constantly releasing new products and collars every other week, so it is easy to understand why this brand has become so popular within the beauty community. With the majority of their single products within the price range of $5 – $8 USD ($6 – $11 AUD), you can see why they are such a major hit!

I have recently been going through my makeup collection and putting aside the things that I rarely reach for. My hope is that by creating content that features these specific products, my love for them will reignite once again. And if not, you will see them in an upcoming declutter post! Today’s post is going to focus on my little collection of ColourPop Lippie Stix, Creme Lux Lipsticks and Lippie Liners. As always, I have all products linked throughout this blog if you want to pick any up for yourself.

Let’s get into it!

ColourPop Cosmetics Lippie Stix Shades (top to bottom) – Ziggie; Daydream; Goldie; Le Freak; Baewatch; Parker; Cami; Tutu; Pack Pack; Weekender

Ziggie is described as a matte X dark terracotta shade. Not always a shade I would reach for, but after swatching it again I have fallen back in love! It is more of a bolder lip colour against my pale skin tone but it has just the right amount of brown and pink in it that it doesn’t make my skin looked washed out.

Daydream is described as a matte X plum brown shade. This shade is definitely deeper than it looks on the tube, but it is still a really beautiful shade. It is a deeper nude on my skin tone.

Goldie is described as a matte X rich brick red shade. This shade pulls more pinky/red on my skin tone however, I have fallen back in love with it. Something about reddy shades that make me feel like a classy woman!

Le Freak is described as a matte X deepened red wine shade and is discontinued. This shade is very similar to Tutu! Le Freak is more of a browny/red colour where as Tutu pulls more purple/red on my skin tone.

Baewatch is described as a matte cool berry shade and was limited edition. Such a beautiful muted mauve shade! Again, this isn’t a shade I would usually reach for but it is always handy to have something a little out of my comfort zone.

Parker is described as a matte mid-tone warm nude shade. This is definitely a perfect nude shade for my skin tone! It pulls a little more pink on me but that is why I love it. Definitely a ‘my lips but better’ shade.

Cami is described as a matte X cool-toned mauve shade. I would say that this is very similar to Baewatch, except this shade pulls slightly more on the pink side.

Tutu is described as a matte cool burgundy shade and was limited edition. On me, this shade pulls very purple/burgundy. Again it is one of those deep shades that would look stunning with a simple winged eyeliner and bold lashes.

Pack Pack is described as a matte X warm purple shade and was limited edition. I would say this shade pulls more muted on my skin tone, and comes across more of a grey/purple shade.

Weekender is described as a matte X  warm red shade and was limited edition. This true red shade makes me feel so classy and sophisticated! Next to Ziggie, you can see that this is more of a blue based red shade where as Ziggie pulls off more of a pink/red shade.

ColourPop Cosmetics Lux Lipstick Shades (top to bottom) – Quickie; Oouuuu!; C’Mon Sis; Ariel; Belle; Snow White

Quickie is described as a peachy nude shade and was released in collaboration with MakeupShayla. This is another perfect nude shade for my skin tone!

Oouuuui! is described as a warm peach shade. This shade doesn’t suit my pale skin tone, so I will be passing this one on to a friend.

C’mon Sis is described as a soft pinky brown shade and was released in collaboration with MakeupShayla. It is more of a deeper nude on my skin tone, however it would look amazing on medium to deep skin toned beauties too!

Ariel is described as a peachy beige nude shade and was released in collaboration with Disney. It is quite similar to Quickie, however Ariel pulls more pink where as Quickie is more peach. This is the ultimate “my lips but better” shade!

Belle is described as a rosy berry shade and was released in collaboration with Disney. This shade is very similar to Ariel, expect that Belle is more of a pink nude and Ariel is more of a muted pink nude.

Snow White is described as a candy apple red shade and was released in collaboration with Disney. I absolutely love this shade! It leaves a slight sheen on the lips which makes it so different to the usual matte red shades that I have in my collection.

ColourPop Cosmetics Lippie Pencil Shades (top to bottom) – Neat Freak; Lumiere; Bossy; Nevermind; Creature; Bullchic

Neat Freak is a peachy gloss shade which has golden reflects in it and was released in collaboration with MakeupShayla. I am not usually a big fan of lip glosses, just because I feel like they make my lips look weird and I have getting my hair stuck in them (yuck!) but this shade really caught my eye for some reason. I am yet to properly wear it out but I look forward to trying it out.

Lumiere is described as a dusty mauve pink shade. I am yet to use most of the lip liners (simply because I am still learning how to make them look amazing on my lips) but this is the perfect nude shade to go with my many nude lipsticks!

Bossy is described as a classic red shade. I know I have said it a million times (maybe not quite) but there is something about a red lip that makes me feel super classy. So I can’t wait to line my lips with this beauty!

Nevermind – is described as a warm purple and it is no longer available on the ColourPop Cosmetics website.

Creature – is described as a burgundy red/purple shade and it is no longer available on the ColourPop Cosmetics website.

Bull Chic is described as a matte black shade. I am a little scared to try this one out however, it will come in handy when trying to make my one black matte lipstick look amazing on my lips!

What are your favourite ColourPop Cosmetics products? What would you recommend that I try out from ColourPop? Leave me a comment and let me know 🙂

That’s all for now Beauties!


Colourpop Disney Designer Collection | 3 Princess Inspired Looks

Hi Beauties,

Doing something a little different on the blog today. Usually I save my makeup looks for my Instagram (makeupby.emmakate if you want to check me out). However, the other week I shared my first impressions of the Colourpop Disney Designer Collection and an amazing follower (thanks Aleeya) commented to let me know it would be super cool if I did some Princess inspired looks using the shadow palette. So, that’s what I did. If you enjoy this post let me know and I might do more of them in the future.

Let’s get into it!


Look 1 – Ariel 

  • Colourpop x Disney Designer Collection – It’s A Princess Thing shadow palette (juju, poison apple, magic carpet & enchanted rose)
  • Colourpop x Disney Designer Collection – Ariel lux lipstick
  • XoBeauty – fantasy faux mink lashes
  • Iconic London – pigment Stick
  • Jeffree Star Cosmetics – ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’ velour liquid lipstick in waterline
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills – brow powder duo  


Look 2 – Snow White

  • Colourpop x Disney Designer Collection – It’s A Princess Thing shadow palette (juju, triton & prince charming)
  • Colourpop x Disney Designer Collection – Snow White lux lipstick
  • Maybelline – super stay foundation & hyper sharp wing liner
  • The Balm Cosmetics – down boy blush
  • XoBeauty – fantasy faux mink lashes
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills – brow powder duo


Look 3 – Belle

  • Colourpop x Disney Designer Collection – It’s A Princess Thing shadow palette (chip, grumpy, triton, abu, one kiss? & midnight curfew)
  • Colourpop x Disney Designer Collection – Belle lux lipstick
  • Nars – natural radiant long wear foundation
  • Hourglass x Mecca – ambient lighting palette (mecca birthday glow & luminous bronze light)
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills – brow powder duo & ‘that glow’ glow kit (bubbly & sunburst)
  • LashedCo. – Miss Budapest lashes

I have seriously loved playing around with this palette and I am sure that I will be picking it up constantly over the next few months. I love that it has the usual transition colours, with a few darker shades, as well as the random pops of purples and pinks. It is definitely a palette that is great for travelling as you can create so many different looks with it.

Did you pick up anything from the Colourpop Disney Designer Collection? What was your favourite look? Leave me a comment and let me know 🙂

That’s all for now Beauties!


Colourpop Disney Designer Collection | First Impression

Hi Beauties!

Once upon a time… (last week), Colourpop Cosmetics launched their new, limited edition, Disney Designer Collection! I was so excited when I first saw the sneak peaks of this collection and I knew I had to get my hands on some of the goodies. If you have read any of my previous posts about Colourpop, you would know that they are a big favourite of mine. Their entire range is extremely cheap but has really high quality, and they have something for everyone.

Let’s break down the collection a little bit! Firstly, there is the ‘It’s A Princess Thing’ pressed powder shadow palette, which costs $20 USD (approx. $28 AUD) and it contains 15 eyeshadows with a mix of matte, sheen and metallic shades which are inspired by the iconic Disney Princesses. Then there are three stunning ultra glossy lip shades, ‘Bibbidi’, ‘Bobbidi’ and ‘Boo’ . These can be bought separately for $6 USD each (approx. $9 AUD). Next there are 6 crème lux lipstick shades, ‘Cinderella’, ‘Belle’, ‘Ariel’, ‘Snow White’, ‘Jasmine’ and ‘Tiana’. These cost only $7 USD each (approx. $10 AUD). Then there are 6 amazing super shock shadow shades, ‘Heigh-Ho’, ‘So This Is Love’, ‘Under The Sea’, ‘Be Our Guest’, ‘A Whole New World’ and ‘Almost There’ and these will set you back $5 USD each (approx. $7 AUD). Last but not least, Colourpop also released 2 stunning super shock highlighter shades, ‘Part Of Your World’ and ‘A Smile And A Song’. These run for $8 USD each (approx. $11 AUD). I only picked up the eyeshadow palette and three of the crème lux lipsticks as these were the products I would get the most use out of/they went out of stock so quickly!

Let’s get into swatching and my first impressions of the products I picked up.

The formula and pigmentation of the Colourpop pressed powder shadows is something that I have really grown to love over the past year. They blend super easily and look absolutely amazing on the eyes. The ‘It’s A Princess Thing’ palette contains a great mix of 4 matte and 11 metallic/glitter/shimmer shades. They are super pigmented as you can see by the swatches and the shade range allows you to create so many amazing different looks. Colourpop’s metallic/shimmer shades are my favourite (formula wise) by far! I don’t know how they do it.

I love the packaging on this palette as well. I love the modern take of the Princess art on the front, and the fact that the shade names are on the back AND underneath the shades as well. My favourite shades would have to be Poison Apple, Fairy Godmother and Thingamabob purely because of the shine and pigmentation that they give. The only thing that is missing is a large mirror, but that can be forgiven.


I haven’t tried many of the Colourpop creme lux lipsticks in the past as I am more of a matte liquid lipstick kind of girl. The Disney Designer Collection creme lux lipsticks are all creamy-matte shades and are also said to be long wearing. ‘Ariel’ is a peachy beige nude shade, ‘Belle’ is a rosy berry shade and ‘Snow White’ is a candy apple red shade. Although ‘Ariel’ and ‘Belle’ are so similar, the difference is just enough to warrant having both of them in my collection. The pigmentation is amazing on these products, I only did one swipe for the swatches and as you can see they are full and rich of pigment. I can see myself wearing all these shades.


An extra bonus is the packaging! I love the modern drawings of the Princesses on the carton and I also love the fact that all the Princesses signatures are on the cap of the lipsticks.

Did you pick up anything from this collection? What Disney Princess is your favourite? Leave me a comment and let me know! 🙂

That’s all for now Beauties!