Makeup Declutter/Empties | Ep. 2

Hi Beauties,

How is isolating treating you? I hope you are all keeping safe and healthy during this strange and somewhat stressful time. I have been using my time wisely and have decided to cleanse my life of everything I have outgrown. That includes makeup! I have decluttered a TON of products so this is what I am going to share with you today, I have also thrown in some empties for good measure. 

If you want to see my declutter process, check out my Instagram where I have been putting out IGTV’s showing you through my process! There is more to come and I know you won’t want to miss out on them 😉

First up we have the Sleek Contouring and Blush Palette. This has been in my collection for such a long time and I am sad to say that as my collection grew, I really neglected this product. I am not getting rid of this palette because I don’t like it or because it’s ‘bad’, I am simply getting rid of it because it is so old and needs to be thrown out! 

Next is The Balm Put A Lid On It Eye Primer. Again, like most of the products mentioned in today’s post, this is one of those ones that I brought with good intentions but sadly just never used. It has been in my collection for a while now, I have maybe used it a handful of times and now it is too old to pass along to anyone else. Anybody else guilty of this?

Now we have the MAC Cosmetics Velvet Teddy Lipstick. I picked this up years ago through the ‘back to MAC’ program. This is where you take 6 (I think) empty MAC jars, foundation bottles or full-sized lipstick bullets into your MAC counter, and they swap you for a lipstick of your choice! It is a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Anyway, I picked this up years ago! Loved it, used it a lot, and now it smells a little funky so I thought I better make room for something fresher! 

Next up is the Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Concealer in the shade light natural. I am proud to say that this one is actually empty! I have been loving this concealer for a long time and I was determined to use it up so I could make way for some new goodies. This is the second tube of this full-coverage goodness that has had a workout in my makeup routine, and I can easily say it won’t be the last. 

Up next is the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Liner in the shade stix and bones. I am so sad to say that I just couldn’t get myself to fall in love with this tube of glittery goodness. I have another shade of these liners that I really do love but I guess this shade just wasn’t for me.

Now we have the L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24hr-Matte Foundation in the shade 22 radiant beige. I did have WAY too many foundations in my collection before I did this declutter. Some I have had for years, others are newer to my collection. This one hasn’t been around for a long time because it was actually a repurchase of one I used years ago. Sadly, my skin just isn’t up for the matte foundations as much anymore. So this one needs to move along. 

Now it’s time for the NYX Cosmetics White Eyeshadow Base. As you can tell from the photo, I haven’t gotten much use out of this. While it was good when I first purchased it because it was the only white base I had before I purchased the Plouise bases I just didn’t want to touch anything else! Bye friend. 

Next is the Ulta3 Get Glossy Lip Gloss in the shade fierce fuchsia. I have said in previous posts that I am not much of a gloss wearer as I don’t like how my lips look and feel when I have a gloss on. When I was lucky enough to receive some glosses from the amazing Ulta3, my mind changed. This shade of pink, however, is not for me. I kept the other 2 they were kind enough to send me, but this one can move in with a friend. 

I am sad to include my Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter in the shade into the blue. This one technically isn’t an empty product but I might include it in that category. Why do I say that? Because I had to get rid of it because it has dried out so badly that when you swatch it, literally nothing comes out! I haven’t had it for too long which is a bummer. I definitely loved it while I had it! 

Next up is the Benefit Cosmetics The Pore Fessional Primer. This is another proud empty of mine! I love using the mini versions of this product because it is so easy to take with you everywhere you go. There is nothing worse than an over the top, large and bulky product. But the bad part about it being a mini is that you do tend to go through it quickly. I may repurchase this again in the future, but for now, I want to test out some new and different things. 

Now we have the Maybelline Master Conceal Concealer in the shade fair. You may be able to tell that I have actually never opened this product! I had repurchased this a while back during a Priceline sale when I was using up another tube of this product. After I got rid of the last one I had good intentions to use this one up too. But I guess that never happened! Time to pass it along to a friend. 

Next up is the Tarte Cosmetics Rainforest of the Sea Foundation in the shade fair-light sand. This foundation shade is a pale gals dream! I loved it from the moment I got my hands on it. Which was lucky because I actually purchased it online! It is a little old now and doesn’t smell the best so it was time to get rid of it. You may see her reappearing again in the future though. 

Second last is the Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Primer. I purchased this because one of my favourite YouTube Beauty Gurus loved it. But I never really got into it. Sadly now it is old and expired so it has to go in the bin. Bye! 

Last, but certainly not least is the MAC Cosmetics Diva Lipstick. This actually belonged to my sister before it made its way into my lipstick drawer. I honestly didn’t know how long she had owned it for before it came my way (gross?) but I decided to give it a chance. Now I when I look at it, I can tell it expired looooong ago! 

Did you enjoy my makeup declutter? What have you decluttered or emptied lately? Make sure you leave me a comment and let me know 🙂

That’s all for now Beauties!



Makeup Declutter/Empties | Ep. 1

Hi Beauties,

I have recently been updating my makeup inventory which has made me take a long hard look at all the makeup I have been hoarding over the past few years. I decided that now would be a great time to thoroughly declutter my collection and just keep the products that I love and use often. Due to this, I have decluttered a TON of products so this is what I am going to share with you today, I’ve thrown in some empties for good measure also. There is a whole lot to get through so let’s get straight into it!

L’Oreal Paris Base Magique Primer – I had this product in my project pan for this year, and I  am happy to say that I am done with it! It is such a good pore filling primer and I would definitely try and get my hands on it again in the future once I test out some other primers. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Mini Lipsticks – I feel so sad getting rid of these mini lipsticks because they are so beautiful. But I just don’t know what I was thinking when I purchased these because if I am being perfectly honest, pink lipstick shades and I aren’t the best of friends. I just don’t like how they look against my skin. So these lovely lipsticks don’t go to waste I will be sending them along to a family member who I know will get so much use out of them. 

Australis Cosmetics Fresh & Flawless Powder – this was another product that I featured in my project pan items for this year and as you can see it’s pretty much empty (finally!). It is a super affordable dupe for the MAC Cosmetics powders and I have already opened a fresh one. 

Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder – I feel like I have had this in my collection forever, so it is definitely due to go in the bin! 

Tarte Cosmetics Maneater Mascara, Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara & Maybelline The Colossal Mascara – all of these beauties are pretty much empty! I feel so accomplished to finish so many amazing mascaras. I definitely want to repurchase the Tarte and Maybelline ones in the future. 

MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear Concealer – another product that has been in my collection for far too long. I used to love this concealer so much because it is super full coverage and doesn’t budge all day long. However, now that I am older and my skin has changed I find it too thick for under my eyes so I never really reach for it anymore. 

Glamglow Glowsetter Setting Spray – I am so glad that I tried out this mini product! It is such an amazing setting spray! I definitely want to pick up the full-sized product. 

NARS Cosmetics Foundation – I feel like I should have gotten rid of this foundation a while ago simply because it is so not my shade. However, I tried to make it work and wore it on the odd occasion. It has now expired and I would love to repurchase it in my actual shade. 

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipsticks – I am so sad to be saying goodbye to these gems but they are all expired so I am no longer able to use them. I definitely will be repurchasing my favourite shades in the future! 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette – now this may come as a shock to some of you because this palette was so highly wanted and talked about for such a long time within the beauty community. I hardly reach for this palette because of two simple reasons. One is that I don’t enjoy the undertones of these shades on my skin (I feel like they all turn out really dark and a lot of the shades are so similar) and I also feel super uninspired when I look at this palette. For those reasons, I will be sending this off to a better home where it can be used and loved. 

Tarte Cosmetics Maneater Palette – yet another eyeshadow palette that I just never reach for anymore. I loved this when I first got it because it is a great blend of neutral shades in a small, travel-friendly palette. 

Violet Voss Drenched Metals Palette – although I am all into the bright bold colours lately, and this palette definitely comes under that heading, I just never find myself wanting to reach for this palette. It has a great mix of shimmery colours but I find it hard to want to use this palette as I have to mix and match with other palettes to create a full look. 

What are some of your recent empties/decluttered products? Did I get rid of any of your favourites? Leave me a comment and let me know 🙂

That’s all for now Beauties!



Makeup Declutter

Hi Beauties,

I have recently been updating my makeup inventory which has made me take a long hard look at all the makeup I have been hoarding over the past few years. I decided that now would be a great time to thoroughly declutter my collection and just keep the products that I love and use often. Due to this, I have decluttered a TON of products so this is what I am going to share with you today, I’ve thrown in some empties for good measure also. There is a whole lot to get through so let’s get straight into it!

*Side Note: you may notice that a lot of these photos have different backgrounds. This is because I started this declutter before I took a break from social media, and now that I am back I have made my own new background for my photos!*

Beauty Essentials Makeup Wipes – I absolutely love these makeup wipes for many reasons. They are only $2 from Priceline, they aren’t too harsh for my skin and they come in so many different styles. I picked up a whole bunch a while back while Priceline was having a half off sale so I have been slowly using them up. However, once I run out of these I will not be repurchasing as I am trying to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray – This is a staple setting spray in so many makeup lovers collections. I feel like I have had this product in my collection for such a long time so I had decided to make it part of my project pan this year. I am happy to say that I have finally used it all up, so now I can give some of my other setting sprays some love before I repurchase this one.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel – Another product which I had in my project pan for this year! I love this clear brow gel so much that I will definitely be repurchasing one day in the future. It holds those unruly brow hairs in place all day and doesn’t leave the brows feeling crusty and gross like some others do.

Benefit Cosmetics High Brow Glow & NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencil – I have had these products in my collection for so long now and I honestly ever reach for them so I figured it was time to get rid of them!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin Frosts – If you have been following my blog for a while you would remember that one of my first ever posts was about these products. I picked them up in a great sale and I let you know in that post that I was really disappointed with the quality of these products. I never reach for them, they don’t work well on my skin and it was time to say goodbye to them!

ColourPop Cosmetics Lippie Stix – This is another bunch of products I, for some reason, just never reached for. While I do love these shades they were also limited edition which means that you are no longer able to get your hands on some of the shades.

ColourPop Cosmetics Super Shock Cheek & Shadows – As much as I love ColourPop and their affordable products, these ones just aren’t for me anymore. I much prefer their pressed shadows to their super shock ones. I never reached for the blushes as I found them a little harder to use.

MAC Cosmetics Lipsticks – These technically belong to my sister but she gave me the big responsibility of looking after them for her when she didn’t have space for them in her collection anymore. After actually checking them out I had to break it to her that they had definitely expired a long time ago so it was time to bin them!

Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator Palette – I got my hands on this limited edition palette after I fell in love with it on BeautyBay. I had it in my collection for months and months and honestly never picked it up. Instead of wasting perfectly good product I thought it was time to pass it along.

Chanel Universal Bronzer – First of all, this ‘universal’ bronzer is not at all universal. I had tried so hard to love this product because I had saved up for it for so long and finally purchased it. But it just never looked good on my skin! It has now been rehomed to someone who can actually get some use out of it.

What products have you panned or decluttered recently? Am I getting rid of any of your favourite products? Leave me a comment and let me know 🙂

That’s all for now Beauties!



Clean Out Week | Part 1 | Declutter

Hi Beauties!

Welcome back to another blog post. I hope you are enjoying the posts I have been putting up for you guys!

Today’s post is part 1 of 3 posts going up this week! First I am going to run through a bunch of old/expired makeup that I have decided to remove from my collection (and I will let you know if I will be repurchasing them). Then we will look at a few empty products I have used up over the last month. And lastly, I will give you a little project pan update.

Let’s get into some decluttering!


Mellow Cosmetics – these matte lipsticks in the shades New York, Chocolate and Post have been in my collection for a little too long now so it is time to say goodbye. I did love these so it might be something I consider repurchasing in the future.


Chi Chi Cosmetics – I loved these lipstick shades back in the day (Game on, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Checkin In and Sex Bomb) however they are way beyond expired now so it is time to let them go! I won’t be repurchasing these ones.


Stila – I received this as a mini sample with a purchase a while back now, I really loved it but unfortunately, it has gone all clumpy and yuck. I might repurchase this once I get through some other mascara in my collection.

MAC Cosmetics – I feel like everyone and their dogs were loving the Soft Ochre paint pot back in the day however, I find this product too thick for my eyes. Again, I won’t be repurchasing this and I will be passing this along to friends or family.


Too Faced – I am sad to be letting this go because the shade is so pretty, but for whatever reason, I just never reach for it and it would be expired by now. I won’t be repurchasing this one.

ColourPop Cosmetics – this collab with Shayla was one of my favorites however, I really hate glossy lips on myself, so this one will be passed along to someone who will love this product! Obviously, I won’t be repurchasing this one.


Iconic London – these pigment sticks were the first ever stick foundations I tried, and for a little while I really enjoyed them. I have had them for far too long now so its time for them to move to the bin. I won’t be repurchasing these ones as my skin no longer loves this formula.


ColourPop Cosmetics, Milani & Australis – to be honest, I regret purchasing these! Not because they are bad or anything, because they are actually great products. I really just don’t use lip liner and have never really gotten the hang of it. I had kept all of these in hopes that I could teach myself to be better with lining my lips, but I never really touched them and now they are a few years old. Cya!

Did I declutter any of your favourites? What are some products that you have decluttered recently? Leave me a comment and let me know 🙂

That’s all for now Beauties