Makeup Declutter/Empties

Hi Beauties, I have recently been updating my makeup inventory which has made me take a long hard look at all the makeup I have been hoarding over the past few years. I decided that now would be a great time to thoroughly declutter my collection and just keep the products that I love and use often. Due to this, I have decluttered a TON … Continue reading Makeup Declutter/Empties


Products I’m Getting Rid Of | Vol.2

Hi Beauties! I recently went through all my beauty products and had a HUGE clean out. Some products I had were so old that I couldn’t believe I still had them in my collection, some were empty or close to being empty, and others just don’t work for my skin so it’s time I part ways with them and give them to someone who will … Continue reading Products I’m Getting Rid Of | Vol.2